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Generic and biosimilar medicines remain essential to treating millions of patients, whether battling COVID-19 or managing chronic health conditions. Yet getting these safe and reliable medicines to market and keeping them there can be a challenge and cannot be taken for granted. Together, we can take steps to secure patient access no matter what challenges may arise.

~ Secure Our Access

Secure Our Supply Chain

The U.S. pharmaceutical market is best secured when the United States becomes an increasingly important player in the global supply chain. More than 60 billion doses of generic medicines are currently made each year in the U.S., and that can be enhanced. By creating conditions to allow more essential medicines to be produced in the United States, America’s patients and our health care system will be better prepared to withstand any future pandemics, natural disasters or global supply chain disruptions.

To accomplish this, we must:

  • Establish a list of essential medicines
  • Provide grants and tax incentives to encourage expansion and new investments
  • Ensure long-term price and volume contracts to protect against inexpensive imports
  • Pursue regulatory efficiencies for manufacturing approvals
  • Secure an International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Agreement among allies
  • Create export opportunities to enhance economic opportunity

Secure Our Markets


Secure Our Meds illustrates challenges facing the generic and biosimilars industry and offer policymakers realistic, achievable solutions to secure the supply chain, strengthen markets and provide patient access now and in the future. Explore the data and analysis that informs the policy recommendations.

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Helen was diagnosed in her late twenties with incurable stage four non-Hodgkin lymphoma. She relies on biosimilars to help when needed. Helen’s Story

Jeni depends on biosimilars to help her fight pancolitis. “Biosimilars truly gave me my life back.” Jeni’s Story
Jonnie counts on generic medicine to stay healthy. “I’ve got the gamut of things that could go wrong as you get older.” Jonnie’s Story

“My doctor switched me to a 90-day supply on both my generics to minimize store visits in the pandemic.” Rich’s Story